About Lindström Invest

Individual business premises, comprehensive services and professional staff.

Lindström Invest Oy is a real estate investment company that specializes in developing and renting custom office premises. In addition to real estate development, we also manage and maintain our buildings with high standards. The corner stones of our business are flexibile office spaces, versatile services, quality materials and the most satisfied customers in the industry. Our buildings are located in Kalasatama, which is easily accessible and is one of Helsinki’s fastest growing areas.

In November 2020, Swedish listed real estate investment company Castellum AB has acquired Finnish Lindström Invest Ltd.

Invest’s own staff is present in our customers everyday life. We manage, supervise and develop our partners services. Our customer promise Consider it Done guides everything that we do. We are flexible and agile and always do our best to find a solution and carry things through. We are dedicated to sustainable growth, responsibility and constant development.


Our Values

Sustainable Growth

Our growth is based in the real estate development projects, that we implement together with our customers and partners.

The basis of our finance is the buildings we own.

Long-term customer relationships

The foundation of our business is in long term customer relationships. We are present in our customers lives and create contracts that enable changes as our customers business changes.


We think about the effects our decisions have on our stakeholders’ lives as well as on our community and environment. We find it very important to make decisions that future generations will also be proud of.

Continuous  Development

We are constantly developing our business and services in collaboration with our customers and partners. We follow trends and decisions that affect worklife and change along with them.

Consider it done!

Our customer promises base is in Invest’s values and is carried thourhgout everything we do. Our promise brings added value to our customers by providing them with the best possible services.

Our promise makes us flexible and agile. We realize our customers wishes and take responsibility in what we do.

Real Estate Development

The basis of our real estate development is developing old buildings. We renew, renovate and redesign them without prejudice using the latest technology, but still respecting their history.

We carefully look into both housing and commercial development projects to see if they fulfill our goals and requirements.

Our main area is Kalasatama, but are interested in expanding into other parts of the Helsinki metropolitan area.

Customer relationships and promise

The basis of our customer relationships is the straightfowardness, quality, speed and flexibility of the service we provide.

Our customer promise is Consider it Done! We like to recognize our partners and their staff for excellent service.

Our rental agreements are clear and transparent and make changes possible as our customers business changes.

Service Management

Our service management style is active and encouraging. We meet our customers and partners on a regular basis; spontaneously and prearranged. We are present everyday.

We are innovative in development of our services by testing and implementing services in collaboration with our service partners and  customers. Our partners are always the best in their field.

Keeping up to date in a developing environment

We take new ways of working and ever developing standards into account in our real estate development and marketing. We utilize new technology  and the opportunities it provides in our spaces and services.

In our marketing and communications we use modern technology.

Lindström Invest Ltd is a real estate investment company that was founded in 2002.

In November, Swedish listed real estate investment company Castellum AB has acquired Finnish Lindström Invest

Lindström Invest was founded when Lindström Oy was divided. In the division, Lindström’s real estate assets were acquired by Lindström Invest. The assets included Lindström Talo, Invest’s first business park, and other commercial and residential properties that had been aquired over the years. After this Lindsröm Invest’s assets have grown evenly.